Rurungan Collective is a collection of brands that create products by the weavers of Rurungan sa Tubod Foundation. Founded in 1999 as a project for livelihood and women empowerment, we have developed into a creative community pushing the boundaries of design and craftsmanship whilst being steered by traditional techniques and inspired by the life and colors of the island we call our home. The collective works with approximately 30 weavers scattered, a team of 10 artists and seamstresses and have recently expanded to work with traditional craft communities in the south of Palawan.


Our Habi Collection uses Habi Philippine Cotton and an initiative launched by the textile council to provide high quality natural material to weavers all around the Philippines. These pieces are either completely in cotton or interwoven with different locally sourced natural fibers to experiment with the weight and texture of our weaves. All weaves are contemporary designs inspired and rooted in traditional weaving techniques.

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