MELOGRANO or the pomegranate, is believed to signify life, progress and goodness by the Italians. Starting out as a  jewelry company, they had their very own Italian designer, Fabio.  A scant soon after, Melograno will soon shift its focus.   

HABI and its advocacy has always been close to the owner’s heart.  The group initially bought up all the textiles produced, just to encourage the weavers to continue.  Answering the call to come up with products that can showcase said textiles and weaves, Melograno shifted to products that showcased such weaves.

Fabio, that same Italian jewelry designer came up with the idea of making shoes and slippers using our local weaves. The designer has since gone back to his own country. Melograno, keeping to its advocacy, continues to innovate. Always fun. Always surprising. Drawing from our rich heritage, and sensitive to influences from our Asian neighbors, Melograno continues to create unique products that showcase our local textiles and weaves.
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