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About Abek Home and Culture 

Abek Home and Culture is a small creative studio run by photographer/artist Kat Palasi. Kat is interested in textile design, natural dyeing, slow fashion, handstitching, indigenous embroidery, and things made by hand. Her creative studio produces very limited edition, naturally dyed clothing and homeware that are often inspired by Philippine culture, history and art.


Kat is currently using plant dyes  on mostly locally-sourced natural fabrics. She also sometimes combines these dyed cloths with handwoven textiles. These few pieces are mostly dyed in indigofera tinctoria (indigo) grown in Mindoro by indigenous Mangyan communities under the Non-Timber Forest Products -Exchange Programme Phils (NTFP-EP Phils ) network. The rest of the dyes  talisay and avocado are also  locally sourced. The reddish dye in the napkins is from rubia tinctoria or madder from India.

About indigo dyeing : “It takes years to be an expert at indigo dyeing. I have only scratched the surface. In Mali, West Africa, one needs to know the 12 tones (shades) of indigo blue to be known as a true artisan, according to Malian artist Aboubakar Foufana. So this is truly a journey of exploration. I am also curious about the way  we Filipinos have practiced our dyeing in the pre-Spanich period. I read also that we exported indigo alongside India in the galleon trade. I am doing my research as I go along.” 


Abek Home and Culture (AHC) aims to empower and inspire Filipinos through their clothing and home products. It also aims to  encourage a love for our endemic plants and threatened forests.  

Abek Home and Culture is on instagram. Its website--www.abekhomeandculture.com is currently on pause but will resume by July 2021.  Thank you. Be safe always in this pandemic./

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