WYC (Wear Your Culture)


ALVIN + EVITA = REI is backed by two decades of exposure in the Fashion Industry as Professional Ramp and Commercial Models. Both have traveled various parts of ASIA, USA and EUROPE promoting Philippine Culture through Fashion Shows with prestigious designers like Renee Salud, Pitoy Moreno, Ben Farrales, Nono Palmos and Ditta Sandico.

In 2012, ALVIN + EVITA = REI started their events management company where they had an opportunity to immerse themselves in a weaving community. Having learned that hand weaving is a dying industry in the Philippines, they found the urge to find ways to create demand for handwoven fabrics to encourage the youth to continue this culture and tradition. More than wearing them on runways and cultural events, handwoven products should be something we can wear everyday. And that gave birth to WYC (Wear Your Culture), a line  of clothing that uses Philippine handwoven Fabrics in modern designs for every Filipino to wear everyday.

Wear Your Culture

With more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines cradles within its mountains and seas a vast variety of cultures. These divergent customs, beliefs, and way of life find expression in the handiwork of women who take to the loom to weave fabrics of vibrant colors and embroider intricate designs snatched from visions and dreams. The indigenous fabrics of the Philippines find expression through the stylish collections of WYC. More than fashion statements, WYC creates a venue to tell the million tribal stories of the Philippines in wearable components that combine tradition with innovation, an eye-catching mix of the new and the time-honored. Now, Wear Your Culture proudly!


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