is a compassionate crafts company that works hand-in-hand with Filipino artisans for the modern lifestyle. As a social enterprise that aims to uplift the lives of craftspeople in the Philippines, we create products that bring value to their work, their lives, and cultural traditions.


We provide unique and functional locally- made items that fit our customers ' modern lifestyles. This allows them to feel rooted in Philippine culture. 


We engage different crafts communities as partners and pour significant investments in design and marketing, capacity building, cultural preservation and youth engagement.

A Brief Background

Woven started in the town of Basey, Samar after it was devastated by super typhoon Yolanda. While doing research and area development plans there, the founders came upon the banig weavers who created beautiful mats made from tikog and buri. With the help of various NGOs, the enterprise organized the artisans into community craft associations, maneuvered an increase in the industry price of banigs, and raised individual incomes by more than double. Ultimately, Woven aims to craft better opportunities for empowered craftsmen and women, for their families, and dfor the next weaving generations.

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