URi Art Design Studio started year 2018 with two things in mind to continue its passion to create masterpieces of celebrated craftmanship passed down through generations by different indigenous artisinal communities and  to build something with a purpose. Fascinated with the beauty of the metalworks and weaved fabric of the different indigenous community artist, 

the main mover of the company Mary Ann Francisco, studied Gemology at Gemological Institute of America and a Fine Arts Graduate from University of the Philippines started the company and pursued her passion designing handcrafted jewelry and with very minimal capital she started buying weaved fabrics from different communities from the north and south of the Philippines. This has lead to a year of perfecting the craft of making bead weaved fabrics by training a few women from vulnerable  communities. Through the years the design evolved while partnering with the differnt artisans specially with the brassmakers/Tau Temwel of the T'boli tribe from South Cotobato. 

The name URi is based on a biblical name the father of Bezalel one of the chief artisan filled with knowledge, ability, skill to make artistic designs, to work in different metals, stones, carved wood, textile, every craft to carry out all the work in constructing the sanctuary of God and to teach others.

URi dreams to continually evolve and expand to create mastepieces of artwork that expresses Gods gift through the designs, craftmanship, artistry of the different artisan community at the same time preserving each individual heritage and culture as it  continue to journey in the field of design.

The two capital letter in URi means the community and client will always be first.

The community increases and lives will continually tranform beautifully.

Company’s Philosophy   

URi Art Design Studio aims to be recognized as a producer of unique handmade accessories with execellent craftmanship that transcends through time, that will preserves the heritage of the different indigenous arts and crafts.

URi jewelry aspires to design pieces that would put homage to Philippine culture and achieve an aesthetic sophistication that would transcend through time making it a jewelry that can be passed on as a legacy. It's a woman's accessory that represents her particular season in life.

Company's Vision    

URi by MOFA aims to be one of the leading luxury designer-manufacturer which produces a collection of accessories that uses indigenous material, promoting artisans, preserving tradition of the different heritage of the different  ethnic communities and giving sustainable livelihood to different community. It also aims to produce accessories that are at par with international quality and design standards.

 About the Product:



Each jewelry piece is inspired by the elements of the heavens and the earth. Every piece is inspired by the art of nature and while it appears as a bit modern, its design and make surely transcends through time making it a jewelry piece that can be passed on as a legacy. It’s a woman’s accessories that best represent her particular season in life whether she’s in her twenties or sixties. Each piece is also inspired by the stories that emerges from the colorful weaving fabric patterns which in itself is an expression of the culture, identity and history of the ancient Filipinos depicting the harvest cycle and all the key moments of a person’s life. 

Materials Use:  

The collection comprises of necklaces with different lengths, hoop earrings, dangling earrings, studs and stackable bracelets using different textile beads. 

At present, we are using the different weaving cloth of the different ethnic group, artisans combining it with semi-precious stones natural stones, wood, brass metal, seeds, pearls and most anything produced by our natural earth.

We mostly use the T'nalak, a weaving tradition of the T'boli community of Lake Sebu, South Cotobato Philippines. The traditional female weavers are known as dream weavers, the pattern of the Tnalak cloth are inspired by their dreams. 

We are also using the Inabel weaved cloth specifically the Binakol and Cordilleran weaved cloth, a weaving tradition of the skilled artisans from the northern provinces of the Philippines. 

We just recently added Yakan weaved cloth by the Yakan women an indigenous Muslim tribe native to the tropical island of Basilan. 

All this beautiful and intricately weaved cloth are turned into textile beads meticulously made and sorted out. We combine the textile beads with other materials like semiprecious stones, wood and brass metal. All the brass metal designed by Uri combined with the textile beads are made by a brasscaster(Tau Temwel) from the Tboli tribe. 

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