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The name URi is based on a biblical name, the father of Bezalel, one of the chief artisans who was filled with knowledge, ability, and skill to make artistic designs. He has worked with different metals, stones, carved wood, textile, and every craft to carry out all the work in constructing the sanctuary of God. He has also taught others to become artists too.

The first two letters, “UR” came from the word “Ur” which is defined as original or the beginning. Ur is also a verb in Hebrew which means “to give light or to shine”.

UR is in upper case because we want to emphasize that at the very beginning, our original designs were meant to give light to different design meanings and that our partners of community artisans and the clients will always be first.
The letter “i” is the URi designer and represented in lower case as URi is never about the designer but the Design itself. URi believes that to beautifully transform our lives and to give depth to the meaning of each design, the “UR” must increase and the ‘i’ must decrease.

URi dreams to continually evolve and expand to create masterpieces of artwork that expresses God’s gift through the designs, craftsmanship, and artistry of the different artisan community, and at the same time, preserving each individual heritage and culture as it continue to journey in the field of design.
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