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Dr. Rosie Angala-Mendiola has made Occidental Mindoro her home for the past twenty one years.
While living in San Jose, she has juggled the demands of a politician’s wife (husband,
Gene, is the former governor) and her workload at Occidental Mindoro State College
while raising their only son, Matthew. All these years, Rosie has reached out to the
indigenous people of Mindoro and has immersed herself into the lifestyle of the tribes.
She was amazed at the beauty of the products they have made from their own hands.
Living in the mountainous regions of Mindoro are several tribes known collectively as the
Mangyans. These tribes have a culture rich in beauty and tradition. From the Buhid and
Hanunuo Mangyans, is the RAMIT, a fabric woven using the harablon (a backstrap loom).
Geometric patterns and white, black and indigo dyes are predominant in these cloths.
Rosie and her sisters at TribesRUs have sourced a limited supply of the ramit to help the
Mangyan womenfolk in their livelihood. As a start, TribesRUs have used the ramit to make
face masks, a necessity in these challenging times. However, the Mangyans take pride
not only in creating these beautiful cloths, but also in making a whole range of other
beautiful products.
In addition, we were able to source beautiful Taal weaves from Batangas, to help the local
weavers whose livelihoods were affected due to the volcanic eruptions early this year.
We have then developed these into additional products such as throw pillows, kitchen
towels, aprons, shoe bags, and various other items for the home.
Our main thrust is to continue to support the Mangyans, as well as the other tribes and
indigenous peoples of the Philippines, where we see a need and wherever we see the
beauty of handmade products showcasing our Filipino heritage. By supporting these
tribes, we ensure that local Filipino traditions are continued and handed down for
generations to come.
We #supportlocal. We are #proudlyFilipino.
Instagram: @tribes_r_us

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