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In her junior year of high school, founder Gabrielle Uy began a year-long research project on the vanishing art of Filipino weaving. Frustrated by the plight of our indigenous weavers and the lack of ethical, locally-sourced fashion accessible to girls her age, she promptly began building The Loom Project: an online slow fashion nonprofit that hopes to preserve the vanishing art of Filipino weaving. 

The Loom Project works with indigenous weavers across the Philippines to produce handmade shoes, bags and garments that put a modern twist on tradition. Every item is locally made from sole to tassel and we use natural dyes, locally grown cotton and recycled fabrics wherever possible. All proceeds help provide looms in and contribute to the sustainable development of our weaving community partners in Abra, Benguet and Negros Occidental. 

The Loom Project has raised over P420,000 in looms, sewing machines and other donations so far and has been featured in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the IB World Magazine, Bench x Katutubo, Frankie’s General Store and several local trade fairs. It is the largest youth-led slow fashion label in the Philippines. 

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