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Collection: Tagolwanen Handwoven

Tagolwanen Women Weavers Association, Inc. (TWWA, Inc.)

The Tagolwanen Women Weavers Association, Inc. (or TWWA) was formed to promote the Tagolwanen tradition of weaving, as well as the customs and traditions that sorround it.
With modern living, the use of this traditional skill steadily declined. TWWA aimed to help lay out the context for traditional weaving to be easily included in daily life.
The association encourages the tribe women to recognize value in their own efforts working from home, that home chores and income-earning work such as weaving have considerable impact that benefit the family. TWWA also aims for its members to recognize their capability to create beautiful art and construct other items through weaving.
By recognizing the weavers’ contribution to the home, the Tagolwanen Women Weavers’ Association aims to empower the women’s self-determination and be equal partners in
  • community building
  • active preservation and passing on of traditional culture
  • environmental preservation
The association also prioritizes that indigenous knowledge and the traditional weaving skills be passed to the young. When weaving is part of life, the next generation automatically picks up a traditional skill. The Tagolwanen Women Weavers’ Association actively teaches their youth to appreciate and continue the tradition of banig-making.
To encourage and value indigenous women’s home-based traditional weaving
To transfer indigenous women’s weaving skill and knowledge to the younger generation
To build a wider market for indigenous home-based traditional mat products
To empower Tagolwanen women to be equal partners of men in their tribe.
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