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STYLE ISLE is a collective of created and curated pieces made together with indigenous and artisan communities around the Philippines. Inspired by the 7,107 islands of the archipelago, where each has its distinct style and tradition, STYLE ISLE aims to encapsulate a collection that is reflective of this lifestyle. We carry and create clothing (tops, vests, jackets), accessories (necklaces, belts, earrings, brass bangles, rings) and accent accessories for the home (wall panels and art). STYLE ISLE was created to serve as a platform for the woven textiles and crafts to speak thru fashion, arts and design. Inspiring travel and discovery, whilst being mindful of culture and heritage. It began and came about as spin off from my journey as a designer, as i was searching, yearning and learning for textiles that spoke to me and my heritage. Now inspired to keep the eco-system sustainable by continuing to use these textiles and materials in the hopes of the continuation of this art and craft.

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