THERE are pretty baubles one glances at. Then there are those that deserve more than just a quick look. Everybody has different tastes when it comes to choice of jewelry, but most can agree that things they look for in a piece is its uniqueness and ability to stand out.

Prized for its handmade craftsmanship married with carefully thought-out details along with that touch of spunk and quirkiness is Strozz!, a homegrown, customized, handmade jewelry brand. With its beginnings dating back to 2008. It was founded by jewelry designer Strozzi Abecel Rosende, who is also a proud cat lover, which is evident in the look of the brand’s  logo.

After dabbling in different kinds of art classes from sculpting to painting and ventures like photography and even interior and furniture design, it was training in a metal workshop that kickstarted her newfound passion. “In 2005, my parents encouraged me to enroll in Prototype Making-Metal Workshop in Cebu FAME. It was a 10-month, hands-on intensive training under the direction of German metal artist Ingrid Haufe. That was the time that I started to love jewelry making,” she recalled.

Strozz! pieces are made rich in mother of pearl shells, turquoise, spiny shells, lapis stones, gaspiete and sometimes, customized shades of color resins, set in sterling silver and brass metals. Design-wise, it is created under the influence of all things fun and happy, from bracelets, pendants, necklaces, headpieces and so much more.

“Strozz! is about ‘craftswomanship,’ not mass produced. It is not labor. It is craft. That being said, they are conspicuously original—original according to my ‘purrsonality,’ or my client’s ebullient taste. It is 100 percent handmade,” she said.

“In the ‘iGeneration’ of technology nowadays, the imperfect ‘purrfection’ of handmade process has become the new luxury. The emotions of the crafter are attached in every ‘meowvellous’ piece. Owning such a treasure is like adopting nymphs with ‘cattitude’ soul of Strozz! That’s what makes it different from the others.”

As a brand that creates all things customized, does this mean that interested clientele can incorporate ideas into the designs?

“Yes, Strozz! can give birth to the deep sense of design you have in mind. Let us intertwine your uniqueness and our skills by focusing on authenticity,” she said. “We will create a composition, a degree of independence from your visual preferences with the help of our handmade process innovation.”

The brand dabbles in themes like Bohemian Cattitude, depicting the brand’s young and free vibe; a gambol of Tropical Rainbows inspired by nature and happiness found in its slew of colors; Zooful Tribe pieces which shows her love for animals; as well as pieces crafted in patterns and festive details. “Putting in so much time, love, and motivation to finish every piece has a tale to tell of how every detail is intricately made by hand as a core tool; a unique piece that can be a gift to a loved one, that can be cherished for many years and will be loved by the next generation,” she said.

More than just jewelry, to her, these are pieces that contain stories in art form and a kaleidoscopic reflection of her happy “purrsonality.”
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