Siegrid Bangyay Pottery

Sagada, Mt. Province

Siegrid Bangyay is a native of Sagada, Mt Province and a member of the Applai Kankanaey indigenous group. She started making stoneware pottery at age 21 and has practiced the craft for almost 20 years. The clay and glaze mixes used in Siegrid’s pots were developed over years of continuing experimentation with materials sourced from Sagada’s natural environment. Finding and mixing local clay and glaze materials are locally means that every batch is slightly different, requiring constant adaptation and continuous learning. Each piece of Siegrid’s pottery is unique and cannot be replicated.

Siegrid’s pottery ranges from utilitarian tableware to pure sculpture, blending influences from her own indigenous culture, from the traditional Chinese heirloom pots still found in the Cordillera, and from the works of modern ceramic artists. Her work has been displayed in over 20 exhibits, including shows at the Ayala museum, the Pinto Gallery, the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia, USA, and many others. She is a regular exhibitor at the Art in the Park and MaArte Fair exhibits in Makati.

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