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Punique is a proud social enterprise which aims to empower women with livelihood through high level of “puni” weaving and craftsmanship. Our brand is a fusion of the words “puni” and unique. Puni is the traditional Filipino art of coconut leaf weaving and we make unique and lasting products for our clients. We started this enterprise just four years ago but our Master Artisan Noemi Garcia has been mastering the puni craft for almost three decades now. In the past, puni was used by locals to make food containers (puso, kinaban) Toys  (bola, espada, isda) and religious accents (palaspas). Puni was once a dying art, but through our concerted team efforts, we have managed to develop new products which makes the art more relevant to our modern times. To date, specialize in creating home decors, flower arrangements, bridal flowers and fashion accessories using our puni forms.

To make our products more lasting, we currently use buri leaves, the same leaves used to produce mats and bags. With proper care such as avoiding moisture and direct sunlight,  your Punique products serve as a timeless keepsake you can enjoy for years. Each Punique product is lovingly woven by our weavers and assembled by our designers from the Northern Province of Bulacan. For this habi capsule collection, we incorporated cotton in our designs in support of our local cotton farmers in the Visayan region.

Thank you very much for appreciating our Timeless Woven Art. For more information about our products and designs, you may visit our social media sites IG: @puniqueph and FB: PUNIQUE.

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