Pina seda primera


Kalibo, Aklan, is the main and the oldest manufacturer/ weaver of piña cloth in the Philippines which are being exported to various parts of the world. My mother was one of the 4 pioneers in piña industry in aklan(1980's), at age 15 she trained me in all aspect like how to handle weaver, how to knot, make fiber out of Piña, to weave, and weigh knotted fiber. Then I get to know and learn the secret of the embroidery.  For the past years handling this business I only have this words in mind & heart “Always deliver more than expected”. 

With this I won the following awards in Aklan Fiber Festival


1st place Piña Loom-woven Fabric 

1st place Piña Loom-woven Shawl

 and I won this awards at the Panubli-on Heritage Trade Event 2018

Best in eco-Luxury Fashion

I hope that one day one of my children will follow my footstep and continue this wonderful business.

Here at PIÑA SEDA PRIMERA we offer product and designs that is unique and one of a kind, we customized each one of them that’s why we only have one item for every product. Our fabrics are all premium quality because we want our dear costumers to have the best quality Piña cloth, and make sure that every penny spent is worth it. Life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be.  :)

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