“Pidayit” is a Capampangan word for stitching together. More specifically, “pidayit-dayit” means two pieces sewn together at the edge, or several pieces patched or sewn to one another. Yet, it has a more profound meaning in the realm of social reality: it embodies an eminent unity and the collective mindset of the Capampangans –rising from the ashes of the Pinatubo onslaught, to their resilience amidst this recent global pandemic.

Originally conceived in 2010 by Angeles City fashion designer Philip Torres, Pidayit was officially launched in 2015 as a fundraising fashion show for the benefit of Museo ning Angeles. It was  part of a sustainable livelihood project for a community of stay-at-home wives, working students, and even out-of-school youth. It has now become a most relevant advocacy, with working from home being the  new normal. Pidayit was literally years ahead with this concept!

Simple retazzo cuttings are transformed by teams of skilled and patient hands into fabulous garments whose couture values are enhanced by inspired intricate details. Stitched, embroidered and crocheted, the transformed dresses, pants, skirts, vests and jackets are coordinated with value-added accessories from beading and collages of patches, buttons and cut-out designs. Hence, a single Pidayit clothing can take one to three months to make, depending on how intricate the design is, achieved with zero waste!

Pidayit clothing and accessories are masterfully handcrafted with the unique fusion of minimalism and elegance that exude more depth and texture, yet indicative of the Capampangan identity, culture, and heritage.

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