Mana PH

Mana PH started out of a college research project on the history of filigree tambourine jewelry for a minor in sociology. The goal of our project was to conduct research and documentation on the dying craft of the gold filigree tambourine jewelry tradition.

We were fortunate to be introduced to one of the last practicing master craftsman, whose family had been craftsmen for at least 5 generations, but today he was the only one in his family who continued to practice the traditional craft. Business had been difficult for many years as interest in their jewelry waned due to many different factors.

We were blessed that he showed us some of the handcrafted works he still had after many years, and we were taken aback with the fine and intricate details that the pieces had. Though they had been at least a few years old, they still had an alluring shine and luster, and the beautiful designs were mesmerizing. Through him, we were inspired to help in reviving the dying craft beyond preserving it in our research by purchasing directly from him and helping him sell the pieces he made. Since then we have helped him in increasing the interest in the local traditional craft, bring back the appreciation for this beautiful and almost lost craft, and grow his livelihood.

Delivery advisory: Free shipping to Makati villages and can coordinate for meet-ups in Makati greenbelt area.


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