Mabaysay by Eva Marie

Company’s History:

 The company was started by Lilio and Eva Adona of Basey, Samar and what was then called “Basey Handicraft”.  The company is one of the major manufacturers of ticog mats since the early 1990’s.  Through this couple, the ticog mats became known even outside of Eastern Visayas.

 Eva Marie Arts and Craft is now managed by the daughter, a second generation manufacturer bringing with her the new and trendy designs.  It is also in this company’s management that expanded into the export market with vigor and dynamism.


Product Description

 The woven mat from the ticog weed is the basic semi-processed material that come in its natural form or dyed into any other color.  It is then “embroidered” or inserted with strips of buri in different colors and into any desired pattern or design. 

It is then converted into several products from fashion tote bags, picture frames, clutch purse, dividers and wall décor.

Ticog embroidery is a unique skill shared by women in Basey and is one of the living traditions in the countryside of Samar.

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