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INSPIRED by the distinct caliber of craftsmanship that defines heritage jewelry, Ma. Angelica evokes the aura of the past in pieces made for the present.

OUR MISSION is to carry the legacy of antique jewelry well into the future. We revive old ways to bring new meaning to modern designs.

MA. ANGELICA’s unique approach to jewelry is a homage to Filipino ingenuity - mastering centuries of Philippine artistic tradition and making it our own. After all, heritage is a gift - a means to remember.

EVERY antique and vintage piece - every bead and stone, No matter how small — Carries a history worth preserving. A narrative worth telling. And, like the intertwining of past and present, we believe that jewelry is a shared story.

TODAY, we bring you select pieces from Ma. Angelica’s Herminia Collection. An ode to the rich artisanal history of the Philippines, tradition comes full circle in a collection that wields centuries-old pieces and techniques to create the new wave of Filipiniana heirloom jewelry.

FEATURING genuine antique treasures and antique - inspired jewelry styled with a more contemporary look, Herminia is the embodiment of a strong, intelligent woman; a Filipina who has fallen in love with the past that shapes her today.

HERE, you can discover stories of things once lost, now found and given new life; and of prized memories captured in enduring designs .

WE, at Ma. Angelica, are proud to contribute to this ongoing narrative of craftsmanship, and we hope that as you wear our bespoke designs, you too will join us in writing the next chapters of Philippine artisanship.

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