Lingaptura Philippines is a youth-led mini-company that offers premium quality products at market prices. With its local handicrafts, Lingaptura promotes Filipino culture while offering work opportunities for individuals who lost their work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We support Yakan weavers from Zamboanga and Igorot weavers from Ifugao, and we have incorporated their weaves, Peneh Kaban Buddi and Inabol, in our products. Our company provides fashion and designs that inspire people and help them express their unique designs, truly encompassing Filipino's beauty. We aim to establish our own brand in the market as advocates of the Filipino culture by producing sophisticated, classy, and exceptional products.

Lingaptura, penned by cleverly joining the words "lingap" and "kultura", aims to gain the customers' confidence by advocating that our designs, the backbone of the products, were made not only for the obvious aesthetics they bring but also to celebrate our fellow countrymen's craftsmanship and culture. As our tagline "Woven by the dreams and culture of the Filipinos" boasts, we focus on keeping the spirit of the Filipino culture alive through the designs we incorporate in our products. The designs are heavily inspired by modern style but are integrated with traditional native textiles that will be exceptional and appealing to Filipinos and other nationalities alike.

Given that the design and weave patterns we utilize deserves recognition, we aim for our products to be known nationwide. This would raise the influence the design patterns would have in the fashion industry and help recognize Filipino fashion worldwide.

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