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Linea Etnika is a Filipino artisanal brand inspired by heritage and powered by
women. The brand embraces the slow fashion movement and advocates to enable
traditional handloom weaving to flourish by making weaves mainstream. Over the years,
we have produced retail clothing, shoes and fashion accessories for women which have
showcased Yakan Weaves from Zamboanga City and Basilan. The brand aesthetic
adheres to timeless, elegant and versatile fashion which allows freedom of movement
and expression. In 2020, we ventured into home furnishings with Linea Etnika Casa when
staying at home became the new normal.
Linea Etnika is an avenue to collaborate with communities and like minded brands
who value women empowerment, dignity of work, loving local and making things happen
with gratitude. It is deeply rooted in Zamboanga City because of a relationship Maria
Clara Lorenzo Lobregat started with the Yakan Weaving Village in Zamboanga. Caling
Lobregat as she was fondly called is known as Nana del Ciudad (mother of the city) and
a culture champion. She continues to inspire the brand as she turns 100 in heaven this
year. She is the late grandmother of Linea Etnika co-founder, Looie Lobregat, who
believes that the brand’s mission is to nurture sustainably.
We have a direct relationship with the Yakan People in Zamboanga City and their
network of over 20 women weavers. The connection goes beyond purchasing precious
Yakan weaves and product development. We have been involved in infrastructure
projects to improve the weaving centers, cement common pathways, upgrade the
community toilet and drainage system, as well as landscaping the surroundings through
both private and government funding.
We knew that 2021 would be special even amidst this pandemic because of our
5th anniversary in April. We imagined celebrating meaningfully and planned with
our brand values in mind. Here we introduce the La Hermosa earrings from our Mascota
Collection to salute our 5th. We also feature Yakan Bucket Hats from our Village Finds
Thank you universe for the paths we’ve crossed, for the humans we’ve connected
with, for the lessons we’ve learned and for allowing us to remain true to our core. We
hope our products bring you joy and contentment!!

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