La Herminia
La Herminia is a family enterprise engaged in the production of commercial and sustainable piña, abaca and raffia products to promote cultural heritage.

La Herminia Pina Weaving Industry started operation in the 2nd Quarter of 1996 with (2) weavers and a start-up capital of P 150,000.

Alan M. Tumbokon, son of the registered owner, was then just laid-off from his work at the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). He toyed with the idea of starting a business in line with pina cloth production since skilled weavers are around in their barangay. Rather than be an employee, he dreamt of becoming the employer at that time. Thus, he convinced his mother, Herminia M. Tumbokon, who is a skilled weaver, to do the business by hiring another weaver in the neighborhood. So, with the two (2) weavers, the company started its operation.

Alan studied the whole process of weaving. He knows how to extract pina fibers, knotting, weaving with intricate design. In 1998, Philippine Textile Research Institute (PTRI) conducted training on 4 harness looms. Out of that training he developed a design for barong Tagalog. He also studied the old technique in weaving, tablero ringgue. By examining/studying the century old fabric, he revived the tablero ringgue weaving.

He was successful in the mechanization of the spooling process by having fabricated an electric bobbin winder. Lately, together with a local fabricator, he was able to fabricate the following:

a. Semi-mechanized wider looms with flying shuttles that could operate by one person instead of two;
b. A multi-harness loom;
c. Warping machine with the capacity of 150 meters.
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