La Bonne Vie


The search for the Living Treasures of Ilocos Sur was launched by Governor Deogracias Savellano in 2009, with the aim to find the best craftsmen, to pass on their expertise to the younger generation. Continuing the tradition of their craftmanship to make them known worldwide, a marketing arm was needed to find markets for their products. Hence, an advocacy was organized by Mrs. Geraldyn Savellano to promote their products in various bazaars in October 2013. It was then that she met the "big stores"; who appreciated their products and made quite a sizeable amount of orders. La Bon Vie Enterprise was then put up to continue finding markets for their products, to professionalize the system of production, and the packaging of the products. Today, these craftsmen enjoy the sustainable income they have earned through their craftsmanship. It has definitely improved their lives, empowering them to be more creative.

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