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For over a decade, potter Joey de Castro has dedicated himself to teaching pottery and living out its long and exacting process. An advocate of its traditional methods, Joey literally builds everything from the ground up. From making his own mixture of clay, glazes, and tools- every ingredient is painstakingly prepared and created. A consummate potter, Joey single-handedly monitors the kiln temperature when firing. This usually lasts from a minimum of eight (8) hours, up to twenty-four (24) hours. He takes no shortcuts and makes no compromises, bringing a very personal touch to all his works. 

Joey has been actively participating and spearheading the movement to unify the local community of contemporary stoneware potters.  His aim is to bring pottery to the level of awareness of the regular Filipino, and distinguish the artist from the artisan.  This commitment and passion to the art brought him teaching stints in the UP College of Fine Arts beginning 2009, and the opening of his own Sierra Madre Pottery Studio in 2011.                 

Keeping this singular goal in mind led him to opening his own gallery-- Sierra Madre Gallery- a gallery dedicated exclusively to Filipino ceramic art, and a platform for emerging Filipino ceramicists to showcase their works to a wider audience, and, a decent source of livelihood.

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