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Iraya-Mangyan Art is the brand name of Ayala Foundation’s livelihood project with the Iraya Mangyans of Talipanan Village, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines.  Weaving with Nito, a tough forest vine common in the country, has been a deep-rooted tradition of the Mangyan tribe.  

We began working with the Mangyans in 1990 when Mrs. Beatriz M. Zobel saw the potential in their products and sought to develop the craft in order to share its beauty with a wider audience. Their creations have unique designs, exceptional quality and practical uses.  The Irayas weave their designs from the heart and each design or pattern usually belongs to a certain weaver, making each piece truly one of a kind.  When you purchase an Iraya Mangyan Art product, you are supporting a livelihood and instilling pride in an indigenous people’s culture and tradition.

We would like to thank Habi for allowing us to reach more of you, our buyers, through this online craft fair!

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