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Ditta Sandico is a Filipino fashion designer who has worked with Banana fibers for the past 35 years. She has become a byword in the local crafts community and has continually carved her niche in the international scene.

She started her own company called Cache Apparels in 1985 and has grown her company from a handful of sewers to creating an atelier that serves the growing needs of the populace.

She strives to craft smart, timeless pieces using organic indigenous fabrics, in the hopes of promoting her country’s natural resources and advocating a sustainable way of life. Her passion for fabrics has transformed itself into a life devoted to promoting the use of these local textiles and supporting communities that produce them.

In 2005, she trail blazed and marketed herself as the “wrap artiste” of Philippine fashion, focusing mainly on designing wraps made of Banaca, which is a fabric made of Banana and Abaca that she pioneered in developing. Like the butterflies’ gossamer wings, she wraps women in wonder. She has produced several hundreds of her Mariposa wraps that now grace the front covers of lifestyle magazines as well as worn by a prominent roster of women around the world.

As a young child, growing up and immersing herself with the Mangyan tribes of Mindoro have been part and parcel of what molded her into the woman she is now. They were her first teachers in the art of weaving, and this will come full circle as she goes back and devote herself to their community once again.

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