A new approach to leatherwork and metalcraft.
A marriage of the practical and emotional.
Where the heart meets the head.


DANO is an interdisciplinary design house that takes a new approach to creating universally
functional and emotional objects made of natural materials: leather and metal.
DANO is founded in 2010 by Dano Tingcungco, a television journalist, writer, producer and
third-generation shoemaker from Marikina City, a place known for its discipline in leatherwork
and marquetry.
DANO is its founder's return to his shoemaking roots--anchored by his personal history but
informed by the here and now and an outward-looking view.
The House seeks to find emotional connections in all aspects of daily living through objects that
are always the first witnesses of anyone’s struggle and triumph: footwear, bags and jewelry.
All DANO objects are intentionally unisex and are designed and each built by hand to adapt and
take on the client’s personality and life, making these objects inherently unique and collectible.
Some objects are further extended into personalization. Most DANO footwear is custom order,
further making each object one of a kind, even when cut from the same codes.
Objects developed using the private Bespoke service are even more personal: they are made
from patterns developed solely for the client and will not be replicated for anyone else.
Every DANO object is developed of pure emotion with a deep understanding of keeping the
balance between the practical and aspirational. Every object is fundamentally a marriage of the
heart and the mind.

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