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Dako is created from the two meanings of the brand name itself which represents our two goals in mind: to showcase the works of the Filipino community and to provide them a way to expand their reach. 

Dako is a Filipino word which is used to refer to a direction to go somewhere or towards something. From the meaning itself, this inspired us to set a platform where indigenous communities could present and take you into a journey towards the diversity of the Filipino culture through their indigenous textiles. 

On the other hand, Dako means “big” in the Visayan language. From this, we aim to bridge indigenous weaving communities and local tailors with the people around the world showcasing their products of hard work and centuries of tradition.


Dako is a cause-driven brand in the Philippines supporting local tailors and showcasing indigenous textiles through affordable and locally made pet fashion accessories.

Started in 2020, our love for pets and indigenous textiles lead us to the creation of Dako.

As dog owners ourselves, we also experience great joy in giving little things to our pets in which these little things may bring forth a renewed sense of appreciation for local artisanship. Not only Dako is dedicated in providing this kind of happiness to owners and their canine/feline companions knowing that pets love to be pampered but also in supporting local communities of tailors and weavers. With this, it’s definitely a purchase with a purpose.



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