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Established in 2008 by Banj and Mike Claparols, Creative Definitions has continually dedicated itself to supporting Negrense craftsmen and now strive to innovate and to open more opportunities for them. In 2017, the company transformed itself into a social enterprise as it established several partnerships with communities of weavers in the Negros Island in the Philippines. For its long term goal, Creative Definitions aims to establish a sustainable value chain for itself and its partner weaving communities by adopting practices such as fair trade, ethical marketing, and the use of indigenous Philippine fibers in order to produce innovative and sustainable handwoven textiles and product derivatives that will serve both local and international markets.

As part of its advocacy, it also would like to encourage the local farmers in the Philippines to grow more fiber-based crops such as cotton, abaca (Manila Hemp), pineapple and other crops in order to support the local handweaving and fashion industries. Furthermore, it desires to raise awareness among buyers (both local and international), to support and buy Philippine-made sustainable handwoven textiles and products derived from them.

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