Camisa Amana


A Lifestyle Brand of Filipiniana Casual Clothing.


Promote Filipino Heritage  through Casual Clothing.

The Name:

“Atin ku pung singsing

Metung yang timpukan

Amana ke iti

King indung ibatan.”

Taken from the Kapampangan Folk Song “Atin Ku Pung Singsing”, “Amana” is a Kapampangan word that means inherited. On the other hand “Camisa” is a Spanish word for shirt.  Thus Camisa Amana can be loosely translated as Heritage Clothing. Camisa Amana aims to promote Filipino heritage in casual clothing combining comfort and culture.


Our simple way of bringing Filipino traditional clothing to the modern everyday wear. We incorporate embrodierings and handwoven textile to casual clothing to make it appealing to the present time. Camisa Amana supports embroidery traditions in Pampanga and weavings in Abra, Iloilo and Aklan.


Our 2021 collection is inspired by the Maria Clara that suits the empowered Filipina of the present time; strong, feminine, nurturing.

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