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Collection: Camisa Amana

Camisa Amana is a Filipiniana Casual clothing line based in Pampanga. Taken from the Kapampangan Folk Song “Atin Ku Pung Singsing”, “Amana” is a Kapampangan word that means inherited. On the other hand “Camisa” is a Spanish word for shirt. Thus Camisa Amana can be loosely translated as Heritage Clothing. Camisa Amana aims to promote Filipino heritage in casual clothing combining comfort and culture.
Balen Collection
Balen is our hometown. This collection pays tribute to the places closest to our hearts. The three major group of islands in the Philippines is represented in this collection: the Barong Tagalog for Luzon, Patadyong for Visayas and Okir for Mindanao.

The Barong Collection is inspired by the Barong Tagalog. The Barong is an embroidered shirt made of Piña and Jusi fabric and usually worn for formal occasions. In this collection, barong is made casual and comfortable using cotton but still proudly Filipino using designs from classic Barong embroidery.

The Terno Collection is inspired by the by butterfly sleeves of the Philippine Terno dress. The sleeves is made of Patadyong, a handwoven materials usually in plaid pattern from Iloilo. The butterfly sleeves is incorporated in a premium cotton shirt for a comfortable and casual feel.

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