Bicol Sweetgrass Handicrafts

     Our manufacturing process has always been a grass-roots process.  Since our inception in 2008,  our process has always been based on traditional harvesting methods,  woven in a time-honored manner primarily by women in our local community. 

     Our primary materials are sea grass, karagumoy, abaca, and buri. 

     Bicol Sweetgrass Handicrafts is a family-owned and operated business, with many members of the local community involved in all aspects of production;  growing,harvesting, weaving, framing, and sewing. Some of the more intricate items are also woven by specialized weavers. 

     This is the primary source of income for the majority of our team, and we are proud to have built a company that has benefited so many families for more than a decade. The industry's main challenge today is in attracting a new generation of workers in order to keep it viable. 

     The key to our long-term viability is to keep it fresh. We are constantly looking for new looks, new products, and crossovers into new markets with products for the growing, environmentally sensitive tourism sector. Here we supply eco-friendly products for guests to enjoy, thankfully replacing the one-time use of plastic products.

      Invitations to industry events, where we can display our products and meet potential customers. have greatly aided our continued success.

     Among our product lines are reusable shopping baskets, handbags, place mats, trays, hampers, storage units, food covers, waste bins, and made-to-order units. To increase customer engagement during these difficult times, we are expanding our online presence and joining e-commerce platforms.

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