Angie's Yakan Handloom Weaving

Armed with weaving skills from her homeland Ilocos Sur and the techniques learned from her mother in law,Angie Pichay Ilul began her weaving business in Zamboanga in 1991 with only 200 pesos as Capital Named Angies yakan Cloth or AYC,the firm started with only 3 weavers ( including Angie) with placemats as their first product.

However, financial insufficiency pushed Angie to work in Jeddah KSA after 21/2 years, she saved enough money and returned home to continue her business in 1995,

AYC finally got its business name registered, and started joining various trade fairs and exhibits,Angies yakan have already 40 yakan weavers, AYC is active in joining several trade fairs like Likhang Habi fair.

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