Abra Indigo

Who we are 

Abra Indigo Manila is an all-Filipino social enterprise that aims to address the cultural disconnect we have with our cultural heritage. We are a for profit brand that operate with the mission: 

“To give consumers access to local or indigenous products by showcasing and connecting local communities, workers, and conscious consumers” 


The Abra Indigo Manila icon is a triangle with a vertical line right through it which not only signifies our initials but also represents the mountains which traditionally play a vital role in indigenous life and culture. The text of our logo resembles a handwriting look that represents the nature and quality of our products which are intricately handmade by our partners. 

Our Roots 

The roots of Abra Indigo Manila can be traced back to Namarabar, Penarrubia, Abra. Our products mostly come from the Namarabar Indigo Natural Dye Producers Cooperative which is connected to the School of Living Traditions in Abra that is a program of the National Commission of Culture and the Arts to preserve our cultural heritage. However, Abra Indigo Manila also aims to work with different communities in other parts of the Philippines to get a better glimpse of our roots. 

Core Principles 


We believe and value the rich and diverse culture that we have as a country and the importance of patronizing it. 


We value the relationships we build with the communities we work with, the workers, and consumers we have. 


We aim to be honest with how we operate and do business and see the people we work with as industry partners rather than speaking benevolence over them. 


We aim to showcase our various local and indigenous cultures and bring awareness to more people about these cultures.

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